Controversy xQc and Twitch: The Streamer Would Be in the Platform’s Blacklist

Controversy xQc

Twitch, as we know, is a platform that allows everyone to stream and even request a partnership. However, it may happen that Twitch can close the door even in the face of the large streamer, in case they start to create problems. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

The Canadian streamer of Overwatch (as well as former pro player of Fuel and currently in the national team of Overwatch) Félix ” xQc “, Lengyel, has stated that Twitch classifies some streamer as ” at-risk ” and that the company has communicated that – who knows how never – falls into the blacklist.

In a live, while talking about Silker, another streamer that has a big following on the platform but has not yet received a partnership offer from Twitch. If you were a partner, the platform would allow you to post advertisements on your channel and earn money.

” The real reason, I suppose, is that it frequents a lot of people who are not considered Twitch friends and are considered deleterious, ” he said of Silker. ” … if he had no relationship with a streamer at risk, he would get it instantly. I’m at risk, they told me “.

Twitch fears that business partners do not like having their own brand associated with someone or the community that could be toxic or harmful and detrimental to their brands. This is why Twitch remains reluctant to open up to partnerships with a streamer that, although well known, are (or have contacts with) unwelcome personalities.