Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: New Details on Crucible, Super and Evolution of the Game World

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Missing a few weeks to the debut of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep, the long-awaited expansion of the Bungie shooter that will kick off the Year 3. To introduce us to the many new features coming up, Luke Smith has published the third and final part of the Director’s Cut, a long post full of details about the future.

One of the main topics of the very long message concerns the difficulty of the game and the possibility of accumulating different buffs and debuffs to eliminate in no time the most difficult bosses. From October all this will no longer be possible and, in the presence of more damage enhancements (or debuffs on enemies), only the most effective one will be active and it will not be possible to accumulate them. The only buffs that can be added to the standard ones will be those specific to weapons like Fury and Assassin Loader. As for the damage, however, it will be possible to inflict damage even to enemies with a power level higher than 100 points compared to ours.

Even the Super will suffer a significant weakening both in PvP and in PvE. The spheres, assists, and kills will recharge the Super bar slower and it will be easier to eliminate the Guardians with their definitive active ability. In fact, the developers want the Super to be something to use strategically and for players to be tempted to counteract the activist rather than run like hell from the crazy Titan on duty.

The Heavy Ammunition in PvP will also undergo modifications, which can be collected several times and in smaller quantities for a few seconds. In a nutshell, this is a system that remembers in some ways that of the first chapter and that serves not to give too much power to the hands of a single person, who can eliminate several opponents with just one light machine gun magazine.

The Crucible will undergo some substantial changes that will allow players to have more control over the modes they want to play. The quick game will be replaced by the Classic Mix, which will allow you to play in 6v6 games in random modes like Brawl, Control, and Supremacy. If you simply want to play Control, this mode will be accessible directly from the destinations and you will not have to start a playlist with the hope of finding it. This choice was taken by the developers because Control is the best way to start playing PvP and with the influx of users with the launch of A New Light will be very populated. As for the week mode, there will be a weekly rotating destination dedicated to 4-on-4 methods such as Pandemonium, Vigilance and many others.

There is some news for the lovers of the Competitive mode, which will see two different playlists: Survival and Survival Only. In both cases, it is a 3-on-3 mode like the Tests of the Nine, with the only difference that in the second case there will not be the probability of running into well-organized teams if you are playing alone. It also seems that with the arrival of Shadowkeep the defeats will have less impact on our score, so as to make Gloria’s climbing to a lesser level less frustrating.

Finally, we talked about the game world and the ways in which developers intend to make it evolve. With Year 3 of Destiny 2, the seasons will not be independent and each of these will be characterized by special events, activities, and rewards that can only be experienced in that specific season. To avoid spoilers, Luke Smith has not entered into details but has talked about events that will occur on the Moon and that will culminate with the start of Season 9, the second of the next year of play. It, therefore, seems that we will see something that could vaguely remember the phases of the Dreamy City.

Waiting to find out more details, we remind you that the Destiny 2 cross-save will arrive next week. Did you know that Bungie will show a new Destiny 2 Shadowkeep movie at the opening of the GamesCom 2019?