Dreams on PS4: Media Molecule Celebrates the Latest, Spectacular Fan Made Levels on Video

Dreams on PS4

As the authors of Media Molecule have repeatedly stated, the Dreams Early Access phase is booming. The merit of this success must certainly be given to the extraordinary flexibility and ease of use of the editor integrated into the new project by the LittleBigPlanet authors.

Those who carefully follow the development of this ambitious title will have noticed the growing quality of the works produced by those who, without knowing any programming language, is feeding the Sogniverso with thousands of simply exquisite fan-made levels.

To celebrate the creativity of its passionate base, the leaders of Media Molecule publish weekly a stream that helps to shed light on the rich ecosystem of minigames, fan-made levels, polygonal models, musical pieces and real works of videogame from which draw completely free of charge by connecting to the Dreams hub.

The new video produced by the English developers is no exception and shows, if ever there was still need, the incredible potential of the tools integrated into the new sandbox by the authors of LBP and Tearaway. With these premises, it is difficult to understand how far the community will go during the months that separate them from the launch of the “final” version of Dreams on PlayStation 4, and this without considering the more than probable next-gen evolution of the project, and of his incredible editor, depending on the PS5 launch. Anyway, did you know that Media Molecule has already started hiring the most talented team of Dreams level creators?