Greedfall: Spider Studios Discuss Longevity, New Gameplay and Multiple Endings


After claiming to fill the void left by BioWare with GreedFall, the leaders of Spider Studios return to talk about their next role-playing game revealing their theoretical longevity, the main novelties of gameplay compared to the company’s previous works and the presence of multiple endings.

Exchanging a chat with the editors of Escapist Magazine, the Spiders CEO Jehanno Rousseau has returned to the comparison with BioWare’s rostering epics revealing that GreedFall will boast a longevity similar to that of the major chapters in Dragon Age’s action-RPG series“From the tests we conducted, we managed to get to the credits of the main campaign playing for about 40 hours, without completing all the secondary missions. I think a lot depends on how long you invest in the crafting system, in the exploration of the game world and in secondary activities, which are really many. If you want to deal only with the main missions, maybe you will need 30 hours to reach the end. 

As for the gameplay novelties, the CEO of the Spiders studies states that the elements of originality that we will find again in the combat system and in the progression of the wheels will contribute to enriching the narrative experience and the game’s own plot: “I really want the players to do of natural and convincing choices for your character. Ours is really a role-playing game, with ample freedom of action and movement that will be reflected in the multiple endings. Some of these endings, for example, can show a path judged as’ bad ‘by some people or’ good ‘by others, and I agree. We want these multiple endings not only to be the result of the choices imposed by the moral system of the game “.

The marketing of the GreedFall fantasy RPG is scheduled for September 10on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.