No Man’s Sky Beyond: The Community Imagines the Novelties of the “Fake” Infinity Update

No Man's Sky

The procedural universe of No Man’s Sky has recently entered the 2.0 phase with Beyond and has been crossed by numerous changes and improvements. Many, however, wonder what other news could be reserved for the Hello Games team with future updates of the Sean Murray sci-fi blockbuster.

From the volcanic community of the official subreddit of No Man’s Sky, the idea of the hypothetical update 2.5 of NMS becomes so wide that the user known as Big_Spoder wanted to call Infinity nicely, a tribute to the passion lavished by the authors over the years Murray in the creation of free updates that have helped to revive the fortunes of this project.

The fake infographic made by the Redditor in the style of the announcements of the official updates of No Man’s Sky describes in detail the main changes made by this additional content which, we reiterate, is not official and does not reflect the future innovations expected with the next NMS updates.

According to Big Spider, and of the approximately 3,500 Reddit users who wanted to give credit to his idea, the Infinity version of No Man’s Sky should include a profound revision of the system of procedural generation of planets which includes the addition of 20 unpublished biomes, gaseous giants (with attached floating Korvax structures!), violent weather events (from lightning storms to volcanic eruptions), lava and lots of other elements. There’s even space for an alien city generator!

Given the attention with which Sean Murray observes these kinds of initiatives coming from the community, it is easy to believe that many of the suggestions offered by the Infinity fan made update idea will be taken seriously by the authors of Hello Games. And you, what do you think of this fan-made update and, more generally, of the new features of No Man’s Sky Beyond between VR and multiplayer?

A man can dream, right? [Fictional update fan art] from NoMansSkyTheGame