R6 Major: The American Event Becomes in Fact an All-European Issue

R6 Major

The revenge of the Old Continent on the US superpower. Indeed, in all the regions in which the competitive scene of Rainbow Six Siege is divided. This emerges from the Raleigh event. What happens to the other regions: APAC and LATAM above all?

Of course, the North American, Brazilian and Asian formations have never made great sparks at the international level. Let’s talk about the great events that mark the competitive season of the Ubisoft tactical shooter. But the fact remains that they have always been very competitive teams, able to position themselves often at the top of the various rankings.

Take the February Invitational. In the final, there are G2 (European) and Team Empire (Russian). Third and fourth are the Nora Rengo (Japan) and Team Reciprocity (Canada). Then down to climb Fnatic (Australia), Liquid (Brazil) and so on.

In the Pro League finals of Milan, the Empire that folds the EG (United States) win, while the FaZe (Brazil) and the Fnatic are in third place. In short, always behind the Europeans but still only one step. Instead, the battlefield of North Carolina has brought to light all the weakness of the international scene. In fact, it is not entirely normal that of the four European formations in the Major semi-finals, two come even from the lower categories.

Fortuna? Different game philosophy and innovative ways to approach maps? We will investigate these days.

The FaZe, for heaven’s sake, tried to put the Empire in difficulty here in Raleigh, even managing to humiliate them on the map of their “property”. Unfortunately, destiny (and servers) were not on their side. The TSMs tried to do the same against the G2s planned for the big tournaments. In fact, GoGa and his companions, if you think about it, don’t care much about the Pro League. They are champions of the race that give their best only when the finish line is prestigious.

In short, against the Europeans, there is nothing to do. We are sure that later we will see the fireworks: Team Empire against Team Secret and G2 against the other Russian team, the ForZe.