Small Overwatch Clones Grow: Tencent Presents Ace Force Mobile Shooter

Overwatch Clones

The unstoppable success of Overwatch, represented by the huge user base and the recent overcoming of the billion dollars in microtransactions, pushes Tencent Games to look at the Blizzard blockbuster to give shape to Ace Force, a mobile shooter that seems to be a real Overwatch clone.

The project, announced with a video that helps make the link with the most famous shooter in the world even more evident, is intended only for multiplayer FPS fans on iOS and Android mobile platforms. The public Beta of the new title of Tencent, for the moment, is accessible only in China.

By carefully observing the trailer for the presentation of Ace Force, we cannot fail to note the strong references to the Japanese comics tradition in the graphics sector and, above all, the unmistakable playful points of contact with the combat system and Overwatch’s game progression.

Within the Ace Force sci-fi universe, users must engage in battle against other fans of the genre through deathmatch challenges with teams of up to three heroes: each character will have his own set of skills, elements of equipment and weapons, with a division of roles and a typically Blizzard characterization of classes. 

What do you think of this project and the controversy fueled online by those who consider it an Overwatch clone? Let us know with a comment, but first, we remind you that the new hero of Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter has just received Sigma and the Roles Queue on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.