Some Say No to Epic: The Author of DARQ Rejects the Exclusive Epic Store and Explains Why


As an anonymous independent project, the DARQ horror platform is turning into a small media event for the excellent reception given to it by the sector press and fans of the genre. Its author, Wlad Marhulets, claims to have rejected the proposal to launch the title exclusively on Epic Games Store.

In answering the numerous questions asked by his fans on the pages of Reddit, the Belarusian composer with a passion for video games revealed an interesting background on the development of DARQ explaining that“Epic contacted me immediately after publishing the trailer announcing the release date on Steam, but DARQ was among the top 50 most wanted games on Steam and I believed that if I signed an exclusivity agreement with them I would prove that my word means nothing, since I promised the game would be launched on Steam. In addition, the DARQ page was on Steam since November and many people have been patiently keeping it on their wishlist, for that I thought it wise not to disappoint all those people and avoid showing the world that my ads mean nothing”.

As for the relations maintained with Epic Games and their persuasion to induce Marhulets to launch DARQ exclusively on the Epic Store, the composer and new developer from Minsk has specified that “the Epic representatives contacted me making it clear that they wanted to make an agreement of exclusivity: I kindly refused them before we had the opportunity to enter into the details of the agreement (money offered, etc. etc.) I asked them if they would be willing to sell DARQ in a non-exclusive way, but they explained that at “Momentum is not something they can do. It was a polite and professional exchange, I have nothing negative to say. 

The thorny question of the aggressive strategy employed by Epic to tighten exclusive agreements and snatch titles from the competition from Steam continues to hold its own on the main videogame sites, as evidenced by the reaction of the community to the words spoken in this regard by the boss of Epic Games Tim Sweeney.