TES V Skyrim: We Break Everything With the Mod That Improves Environmental Destructibility!

TES V Skyrim

Despite the almost eight years since the launch of Skyrim, the modder scene of the iconic Bethesda role-playing game has never been so active, especially due to the incredible popularity that The Elder Scrolls V continues to have among its fans.

After witnessing the publication of the cyclopean total conversion Skyblivion (the mo that recreates Oblivion in Skyrim) and the exhilarating video experiment performed by a fan who managed to complete Skyrim using only the Torch , from the untiring scene of TES V modders here then a new tool that exponentially improves the environmental destructibility of the open-world blockbuster by Todd Howard.

The author of this mod, John Jarvis, claims to have made some significant changes to the Creation Engine’s physical engine to make sure that almost all objects on the screen can be destroyed by the player.

Despite being still in full development, the mod in question offers very promising results, as we can guess by admiring the demonstration movie prepared by the amateur programmer who tested this project. The Destructible Skyrim mod can be downloaded for free on the NexusMods portal pages both for the original version of The Elder Scrolls V and for Skyrim Special Edition.