The Astral Chain Gameplay Is the Protagonist of the Latest Nintendo Minute

The Astral Chain Gameplay Is in the Nier Style: Automata and Bayonetta!

If you are curious to find out more details about the highly anticipated Astral Chain, then you should definitely not miss the new Nintendo Minute, during which 15 long minutes of the Platinum Games title was shown.

The two presenters, Kit, and Krysta have played enough to allow the viewer to understand the combat system and that of multiple-choice dialogues. Although it may seem almost superfluous to specify it, it should be noted that in the video there may be small spoilers on the plot and game mechanics, so we do not recommend viewing it if you did not want any anticipation on the game.

We remind you that Astral Chain will reach the shelves of all stores starting from next 30 August 2019 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

In the last few hours, new images of Astral Chain have also been published while waiting for the game to be shown again at the GamesCom 2019, which will begin next week. It also appears that during an interview with the Astral Chain developers it was stated that the game should initially be set in a magical fantasy medieval world.

Regarding the Nintendo hybrid console, did you know that some users will be able to switch to the new Switch model for free, with a better performing battery and a better quality screen?