Crytek on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: The Team Fascinated by the New Potential

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We are now talking more and more frequently about next-gen, especially after both Sony and Microsoft have offered the first details on what will be the technical features of the new consoles.

Rather surprisingly, during the month of April, Mark Cerny publicly discussed what will be the hardware features of Playstation 5, while the House of Redmond took advantage of the E3 2019 stage to officially present the first details on Project Scarlett, code name that identifies the next Xbox platform, arriving during the last months of 2020.

Crytek has recently been added among the players in the gaming world who have chosen to share their initial impression of what the new platforms will have to offer to developers. The software house, during a statement released to the Wccftech portal, commented on the potential of the future Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett : ” If the visual quality will most likely continue to grow with the same degrees expected with each new generation of consoles, the real game-changer will certainly be the new quick memory that has been promised“. The latter, Crytek emphasizes, will be able to impact loading times, but not only, but it will also offer interesting possibilities for videogame design, also in terms of streaming.” That is also a front on which game engines will have to evolve quite drastically– the team continues – but it is definitely exciting! “. 

And you, what do you expect from the long-awaited next-gen?