Dragon Age 4: After Ben Irving, the Head Producer Fernando Melo Also Leaves Bioware

Dragon Age 4

A few hours away from the formalization of the abandonment of Bioware by Ben Irving, which could have an impact on the already uncertain future of Anthem, comes the news of a second escape from the study.

To leave Bioware is this time Fernando Melo, another historic lead producer who, at the time of his resignation, was working on the highly anticipated Dragon Age 4. The announcement came with several posts on Twitter in which the former developer Bioware remembers the 12 years spent in the studio and hopes to play the fourth installment of the fan role-playing series.

If with the departure of Ben Irving the fans fear repercussions on Anthem, it cannot be ruled out that without Melo there may be consequences for Dragon Age 4, since Bioware has lost a lead producer from the great experience and will have to replace it with someone equally capable of keeping up with fan expectations. In short, the current situation of the creators of Mass Effect is certainly not rosy and the consequences of the abandonment of two such important figures could be felt in the coming months.

Before leaving you to the tweets, also containing the image with the email sent to the colleagues of the studio, we remind you that new details on the history of Dragon Age 4 could arrive soon thanks to a series of stories.