Persona 5 Royal: The Launch Window in the West Announced!

Persona 5 Royal: Comparative Video of the New Locations and the Real Tokyo

Atlus had already confirmed that the new version of the appreciated JRPG would make its debut also in the West, but a specific launch window had not yet been offered.

In fact, the launch window of Persona 5 Royal in this geographical area was indicated as generally expected by 2020. Now, instead, additional details arrive. According to reports from the Gamespot portal, in fact, it seems that news in this regard has been shared by Atlus on the occasion of the Atlus Art Show, an event held near Los Angeles. From the stage of the latter, a short trailer dedicated to the game would have ended with the announcement of the western launch window, set for the spring of 2020. Unfortunately, there is still a specific release date for the game, whose debut is expected on Playstation 4.

The publication of Persona 5 Royal in Japan is still expected, again on the Sony home console, for October 31 this year. Recently, the new version of the JRPG has returned to show itself in a rich gallery of images dedicated to characters and Persona that we will find in the Royal version of the game. Recently, moreover, the development team has made available new trailers dedicated to individual characters of the game. Among these, we point out the recent new trailer for Morgana.