SEGA at Gamescom: Published Mysterious Teasers for the New AAA Game

SEGA at Gamescom

SEGA has already confirmed its presence at Gamescom 2019 for some time, announcing that a new triple-A game will be announced at the Cologne Trade Fair.

However, no specific details have been disclosed about the nature and identity of the latter and for the moment there is a pang of mystery surrounding the project. A haze that seems to thicken following the publication of some enigmatic teasers. As you can see at the bottom of this news, SEGA’s official Twitter account has published some strange tweets, which include short clips. In the first of these, a symbol appears on a sort of radar that seems to recall the double helix structure of DNA. In the second clip, instead, on the radar appear numerical sequences very similar to geographic coordinates. The intuition prompted one of the users to carry out research, discovering that the area indicated by the latter would correspond to a location in Ethiopia.

In short, the mystery thickens, but at least we have the certainty that the two clips are connected to a single project. Both tweets refer to the HMKD teaser site, made available online by SEGA on Friday 16th August. What do you think it could be about?