According to the Tidux Insider, Sony Has Other Acquisitions in Store After Insomniac Games

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The news of the acquisition of Insomniac Games by Sony, made official only a few hours ago, caused a more than positive reaction. After several years of collaboration, Marvel’s Spider-Man author company finally decided to join the virtuous circle of first-party studios of the PlayStation house.

According to a well-known insider, however, this may not be the latest acquisition that Sony will announce in the near future. As you can see thanks to the tweet we reported at the bottom of the news, Tidux argued with some firmness that other acquisitions are waiting to be announced. Although it has not proven to be reliable on all occasions, it would seem that Tidux correctly predicted the announcement linked to Insomniac Games in the past few months, so it would at least be permissible to grant him the benefit of the doubt in this case.

Among the most popular names by fans for a new graft among Sony’s first-party ranks, we often find those of Ready at Dawn, Housemarque, Kojima Productions, Supermassive and, especially in the last period, Remedy. However, the studies in question have never spoken about the issue, at least for the moment.

We will, therefore, see if in the future Sony will reveal other aces up its sleeve, especially in view of the debut of PlayStation 5, probably scheduled for the end of 2020. Which studio would you aim to enrich the PlayStation first-party line-up?