Apex Legends: Respawn Boss Apologizes for Insulting Players

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Earlier this week some members of the Apex Legends development team and the game’s community manager lost their temper on social media giving rise to a heated dispute with the community, soon degenerating into a veritable war of insults.

The question and answer gave rise to a series of rather insulting insults, with the members of Respawn who called some players freewheeler, co ***** and heads of c *** o for their toxic behavior, inclined to create bad moods within the community.

The founder of the firm has now intervened in the matter, and asked personally for the incident: “The situation has degenerated, I apologize to everyone. My employees have exceeded the limit, we do not want Respawn to be represented by these comments. I apologize to all those who felt offended, we should not be the first to contribute to fueling toxic comments, we should have set an example, seeking dialogue, a healthy relationship with the community is what we want and we apologize again for this unpleasant situation. “

The reaction of the Respawn developers has caused quite a stir in the specialized press (and not) precisely because of the heavy insults made by professionals to the players, some of them even quite young.