Death Stranding: What Did the New Trailers Reveal About the Mysterious Game?


On the occasion of the Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live, Hideo Kojima was the last guest to walk the stage of the event led by Geoff Keighley. For the occasion, the author showed three new movies dedicated to the mysterious Death Stranding.

The first two, as already done in the case of the trailer dedicated to Heartman, focused on specific characters: Mama and Deadman played respectively by Maragaret Qualleyand Guillermo Del Toro. Both trailers, in addition to partially contextualizing these two figures, have offered interesting details on what we can find in the complex world of Death Stranding. The presentation trailer of Mama shows us in fact a sort of “invisible child “, which manifests itself on the ceiling of a building. Sam, after reacting with alarm, is reassured by the woman, who “attracts” the infant to him, rocking him and finally letting him vanish. Later, Mama reveals that it is her daughter, who can “connect” only to her. Later, Kojima explained that the child is unfortunately born “on the other side” , but that mother and daughter are still in contact thanks to an umbilical cord and this is how they “exist” now. 

Instead, the second trailer sees two protagonists: Deadman and the mysterious “Bridge Baby” . In this sequence, Sam goes to the rime for help and connects a capsule to a machine. At this point, the Bridge Baby appears inside, and Deadman states that this could return to the “womb of the mother”. With a complex explanation of the mechanics that govern this event, the character tells Sam that the procedure temporarily reduces the child’s stress. Deadman also advises the protagonist to remember that these infants are only ” equipment ” and that he should not become attached to them. The latter, moreover, do not usually remain “in service” for more than a year. 

Finally, in the movie dedicated to the Death Stranding gameplay, we can see other interesting details. In fact, we see Sam moving towards a sort of “delivery terminal”. Here, through the use of the necklace that he wears around his neck, the character generates a reaction in the environment, which ends with the appearance on a screen of the words “new strand established” . Once out of the building, which now bears the word UCA, Sam, absent-mindedly, falls. This causes BB to cry: we discover that the protagonist can interact with the latter to try to calm him. At the end of the trailer, Kojima stated that our character will have to try to reconnect the world of Death Stranding, creating links between East and West. 

What do you think, are you curious to learn more?