Disintegration: New Details on Plot, Campaign, Multiplayer and Alpha Test


Presented for the first time a few months ago, Disintegration is a new sci-fi project, signed by the co-creator of the famous Halo. After the first announcement, the game returned to show itself at Gamescom 2019.

During the Cologne Fair, in fact, the V1 Interactive team shared with the public a new Disintegration trailer, which allowed us to take a first look at the tones and atmospheres of the production. Following the presentation of the game at Opening Night Live, further details on the game emerge. The context in which the events of Disintegration begin is that of a dystopic future, in which climatic and health problems have pushed human society to the brink of collapse and extinction. 

Some scientists have faced the crisis by designing a technology called ” Integration “, with which to install the human mind on artificial armor. The solution had to be temporary and has been successfully adopted for several decades. However, soon a faction called ” Rayonne ” was formed, which saw in the new technology the “true” future of humanity. The hunt for non-integrated human beings has generated a real war. Our videogame alter-ego will be Romer Shoal, an “integrated” man who rejects Rayonne’s vision of the world. Part of a rebellion that is opposed to Rayonne, we will fight together with our comrades to offer people the possibility of “returning human”. Expert Gravcycle drivers, in the single-player campaign, we will try together with the other Outlaws to get the best of the battle using all our skills. 

On the multiplayer front, Disintegration will include three different game modes, each with different maps available. Team battles will require strong coordination to overcome rivals. Players will be able to choose between different Crews, each featuring its own equipment and role. In the future, the team expects to make available to the public Alpha Tests related to multiplayer. For now, however, no precise timing has been provided.

We remind you that Disintegration is expected on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One during 2020.