Has a Patent Registered by Sony Shown the Design of the PS5 Devkit?

PS5: New Details on Backward Compatibility Emerge From a Patent

With the next generation of videogames increasingly at the gates, it is normal that platform holders are starting to shake the waters behind the scenes waiting to finally be able to reveal to the public the next game consoles to which Sony and Microsoft fans yearn for.

While we continue to wait patiently, here is a patent recently registered by Sony and appeared on the Let’s Go Digital portal may have revealed the aspect of the PlayStation 5 devkit. While it is true that at the moment we do not have particularly specific details, the “unknown device” you find depicted in the image below could really refer to the next-gen console of the Japanese company.

Considering its not particularly sober look, it is highly probable that it is precisely the prototype version of the console, which is usually equipped with more performing components than the product that will then reach the shelves, and that in these stages of generational transition is entrusted solely to the hands of developers who begin to become familiar with the new hardware.

While waiting for Sony to remove the veils on PlayStation 5, new rumors have emerged online regarding the price of the console, which some say may not exceed the threshold of 450 euros. In view of the next-gen, meanwhile, the Japanese company has decided to replenish its ranks of first-party studies acquiring definitively Insomniac Games