Insomniac Games: Naughty Dog, Guerrilla and Other Sony Studios Celebrate the Acquisition

Insomniac Game

From the pages of the respective social channels, the main subsidiaries of Sony Interactive Entertainment react to the historic acquisition of Insomniac Games by the Japanese technological giant through a series of messages with which they welcome the Californian authors in the family.

Evan Wells, president of Naughty Dog, thought of doing the honors, ideally embracing the new members of the SIE subsidiary community through a congratulatory message addressed to the authors of the Ratchet & Clank series and the incredible success Marvel’s Spider-Man.

In addition to the software house boss currently involved in the development of The Last of Us 2, Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hulst, the London Studio staff (Blood & Truth), the PixelOpus guys (Concrete Genie), join in the chorus. the vertices of Bend Studio (Days Gone), Sucker Punch(Ghost of Tsushima) and the studios of Santa Monica (God of War), each with a thought addressed to the authors of Insomniac Games to welcome them warmly in the Sony family.

At the bottom of the article you will find the individual tweets published by the subsidiaries of Sony Interactive Entertainment (and Sony Worldwide Studios ) to celebrate the entry of the Burbank authors into the galaxy of SIE and SWW , while on these pages you can read the report of the event, which happened at the opening of Gamescom 2019, which led Sony to buy Insomniac Games.