Intellivision Amico: Here Are the First Exclusive Games in the New Trailer

Intellivision Amico

Intellivision Entertainment has been advertising the Friend since June 2018, at the time of its announcement, focusing mainly, from the name of the console, on its target audience, namely young people and nostalgics.

In fact, their games should all be rated E10 + or lower, and will mainly be reissues of old classics for the historic console produced in Italy by Mattel, but there will also be entirely new video games. In the trailer shown on the occasion of the Gamescom, however, we also finally see the first gameplay clips of the various games, although shown for a few seconds.

Astrosmash, Night Stalker, Shark are recognizable! Shark! for example, and other classics re-imagined with updated graphics. The Intellivision Amico games will cost up to a maximum of 9.99 euros and will all be exclusive. There will be no DLC, microtransactions or other, and the console itself will be sold together with a package containing five games and will support a maximum of eight players who can use an Amico controller or their smartphone via a dedicated app.

new Earthworm Jim game has also been announced, which will also please the longtime fans of the series. Intellivision Amico will be available starting October 2020. What do you think? Do you like the project?