Marvel’s Spider-Man Is an Unstoppable Success: Over 13 Million Copies Sold

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4

In the historic day that marks the entry of Insomniac Games into the family of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Californian authors celebrate the commercial (and critical) success of Marvel’s Spider-Man informing us that we have reached and exceeded the significant figure of the 13 million copies sold on PS4.

Having become the fastest-selling superhero video game in the United States, Marvel’s Spider-Man is thus approaching the top floors of the most successful PlayStation 4 exclusive and, more generally, the most acclaimed and representative video games of this generation of consoles.

The merit of this incredible result must obviously be given to the popularity of the intellectual property of the Spider-Man , but also to the care taken by the authors of Insomniac Games in the realization of a title capable of uniting the best of single-player “linear” action-adventure games with freedom and playful progression of open-world sandboxes.

The success of Marvel’s Spider-Man seems to have been one of the determining factors for Sony ‘s acquisition of Insomniac Games, as suggested by the numerous rumors concerning the development of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and the consequent commitment of the Burbank team on the next-gen, especially as regards the potential of the PS5 SSD.