MediEvil Compared on PS4 and PS1 in a Series of Screenshots


Sony Interactive Entertainment has released a series of new comparative screenshots for MediEvil, comparing the original version with the remake coming to PS4. The reissue of the title aims to win over old and new players: let’s see how.

As you can see in the image gallery at the bottom of the news, the new screenshots published by Sony compare different MediEvil scenes taken from the original version of the game released on PS1 and the remake coming on PS4.

In addition, with a place posted on the official PlayStation Blog, Sony has listed the strengths of the MediEvil remake that will help win over old and new players. If on one hand there will be the call of nostalgia for longtime fans, on the other hand, new players might be attracted … by a certain resemblance that MediEvil can evoke with Dark Souls!

As reiterated by the developers of Other Ocean Interactive in the latest MediEvil video diary, the remake will remain true to the original game. Just like in the title known in 1998, players can expect intense fighting with white weapons, levels full of secrets and tons of macabre humor, with some welcome surprises to discover.

Leaving you to watch the new screenshots, let’s remember that the remake of MediEvil is expected to be released on PlayStation 4 on October 25th.