Nintendo Switch Lite: A Closer Look at the New Gamescom Video Console

Nintendo Switch Lite

Gamescom 2019 has now opened its doors and, among the stands of the Cologne videogame fair, they could certainly not miss the stations set up by Nintendo to let us admire the new Switch Lite console up close.

The curators who manage the Gaming Boulevard and GameXplain YouTube channels have made videos showing the various launch models of Nintendo Switch Lite, allowing us to become familiar with the new Switch model that will be launched in Europe (and of course also in Italy) starting September 20th.

The videos you find at the top and at the bottom of this news allow us to guess the size of the console, the differences represented by the colors of the individual models and, as far as possible, the fluidity of the video games present in the demos loaded by Nintendo on the exposed consoles in the “totems” of Gamescom 2019.

If you wish to investigate the question concerning the differences between the basic model of Nintendo’s hybrid console and the Switch Lite version coming in a few weeks, we advise you to read this article with a comparison between the dimensions of different Nintendo consoles and other portable systems ( on all, PS Vita).