Sony May Publish Some of Its Exclusives Outside the PlayStation Platforms

Sony Will Acquire New Studios and Expand Internal Teams for PS5

The dynamics of the videogame industry are gradually evolving and, as suggested by the recent statements by Phil Spencer of Microsoft, the console war could really soon become just a distant and unpleasant memory in the near future.

Notwithstanding that every company must first of all take care of its own personal interests, the main protagonists of the industry have recently approached each other, looking day after day for compromises and collaborations that could satisfy both their needs and those of the players. Last, and certainly the most striking example of this is the new partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo that has allowed Ori and the Blind Forest to follow in the footsteps of Cuphead and also arrive on Nintendo Switch. Even the cross-play, albeit slowly, is making progress, and it is no coincidence that PUBG will soon be playable with its friends regardless of the reference platform.

In this plot that continues to take shape, here too Sony could finally have its say in a more concrete way. Very interesting indeed were the words of Shawn Layden, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, during a recent interview:

“We need to support PlayStation platforms – this is not discussed. Having said that, you will see titles in the future coming out of my collection of studies that may need to rely on a larger installed base. 

It should be emphasized that Layden was referring here in particular to those titles based on an online multiplayer sector and that are well suited to be played on PC. I wonder if in this strategy that Sony has decided to implement in the future will also include Death Stranding, whose exclusivity is now being insistently put in doubt.