The Cycle: Available the Alpha of the Shooter of the Authors of Spec Ops the Line

The Cycle

Taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the Opening Night Live conducted by Geoff Keighley on the occasion of Gamescom 2019, the boys of Yager, already authors of the controversial Spec Ops: The Line, returned to show their new project: The Cycle.

The Cycle promises to offer players a fresh and original experience, thanks to its gameplay formula that combines PvE and PvP. The title, in fact, will put you both against other players and against dangerous enemy creatures that you can eliminate to accumulate resources and tokens useful for the purchase of weapons. You will also have the opportunity to forge alliances with the other participants of the game as if to dissolve.

You can take a look at The Cycle thanks to the new video you find at the top of the news, but you can also try the title with your hand immediately: the Alpha version has been launched on PC via Epic Games Store that you can already download for free. Will you try the new game by the authors of Spec Ops: The Line?