What Future for Sunset Overdrive After Sony’s Acquisition of Insomniac?

Sunset Overdrive

After the announcement of the acquisition of Insomniac GamesShawn Layden(President of SIE Worldwide Studios) was interviewed by the Hollywood Reporter and on this occasion, he also spoke about the future of Sunset Overdrive.

Layden made it clear that the IP Sunset Overdrive belongs to Insomniac Games and therefore is now in the hands of Sony Interactive Entertainment, although the game was released in 2014 exclusively on Xbox (later on PC) by Microsoft Game Studios.

Will we ever see Sunset Overdrive 2 or a port of the first episode on PlayStation? Shawn Layden’s answer: ” Surely it was an interesting test for the study, they learned a lot from this experience. However, they have not yet addressed the subject in any way, we respect the work of the team and we are interested in carrying on the series like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank, at the moment I can only confirm this. “

No news on the future of Sunset Overdrive, the title from the rather unfortunate commercial life, launched in a rather negative period for Xbox One, the poor sales of the console in the initial cycle has certainly influenced in negative sales of the game, able to obtain positive reviews from public and criticism. As reiterated, the IP belongs entirely to Insomniac Games and therefore in the future the studio will decide, together with the publisher, how to move about a possible Sunset Overdrive 2, never officially announced.