After Blair Witch, Bloober Team Could Adapt Another Film Franchise

Bloober Team

After focusing on Blair Witch, a sort of adaptation of the film franchise of the same name, Bloober Team may not have finished developing film-based games, thanks to the renewed partnership with Lionsgate.

A press release issued by the software house, in fact, seems to allude to the possibility of new collaborations with the production company, which would open the doors to a possible other video game that goes in that direction.

And while the team is currently known primarily for horror-themed titles, such as Layers of Fear or Observer, even before Blair Witch himself, the next franchise in the viewfinder may not follow the same path.

For example, among the most successful products of Lionsgate, there are also non-horror films, but equally (if not more) appreciated by fans around the world. Let’s talk about The Hunger Games or Twilight, for example, which might well be suitable for a videogame adaptation (especially the first one, probably).

In short, nothing is engraved in stone as they say, but the possibility of seeing new film franchises become video games, there is. Of course, however, we will have to wait for the results of Blair Witch. What do you think?