Creative Fortnite: A Fan Creates the Map and Dungeons of the First the Legend of Zelda for NES!

Creative Fortnite

Thanks to the many improvements made by Epic Games to the Creative mode of Fortnite and its development tools, an enthusiast has used it to recreate from scratch the huge map (complete with explorable dungeons!) Of the first The Legend of Zelda for NES.

Rather than grapple with Fortnite ‘s Season 10 Missions, the most famous free-to-play shooter on the planet who runs Mustard Plays YouTube channel has been working with Creative Mode tools to shape the entire explorable region of the first chapter of Zelda’s fantasy saga.

As YouTuber himself shows us with the video demonstration of about twenty minutes packed for the occasion, his level offers a representation of the Zelda map extremely faithful to the original. As for the dungeons, instead, the author wanted to reinterpret the “castles” in his own way by filling them with environmental traps and enigmas designed to give a touch of originality and unpredictability to his work.

If you want to take a dip in nostalgia with the level of Creative Fortnite that pays tribute to the genius of Shigeru Miyamoto and his unforgettable The Legend of Zelda for NES, you can retrieve this map using code 2326-3456-6999.

While waiting to find out what you think of this custom level by using the white slate of comments, we remind you that Fortnite has recently received Content Update 10.10 which adds the Scrap Slit and makes many other changes to Epic Games’ free battle royale.