Death Stranding: The Gamescom Trailer in the Official Version

Death Stranding

During Gamescom 2019, Hideo Kojima showed three new trailers dedicated to Death Stranding.

The first video presents the figure of Mama, played by Margaret Qualley. In support of the trailer, it is indicated that the abstract represents the first face-to-face meeting between the woman member of BRIDGES and the character of Sam. During the latter the woman’s daughter is revealed, a newborn “born on the other side”, but still connected to Mama through what appears to be in effect an invisible and interdimensional umbilical cord. Referring to the latter, the woman tells Sam: “Do you see it true? You are connected”.

The second trailer introduces us instead of the character played by Del Toro, known as Deadman. As a description of the video, it is indicated that ” As a member of BRIDGES, Deadman knows the ways of living and dying “. In the video, the man offers Sam a lot of information about the Bridge Babies / Children Bridge, offering details on their nature. In Sam’s BB, in particular, we learn that the mother is in a ” bed of the UTI of Capital Knot City. Cerebrally dead “: it is later called a ” lifeless mother “. Later, the characteristics of the BB are illustrated, with Deadman sending Sam a warning not to become attached to his own.

Finally, the latest trailer includes the short gameplay sequence shown at Gamescom. According to what is reported on the official Playstation Blog, the video ” revealed the more playful side of Sam’s mission ” and represents brief introduction to the crossing, delivery, and interactions between characters as Sam climbs a mountainside to deliver supplies to an isolated prepper “. The latter, we recall, represents a cameo dedicated to Geoff Keighley.

In short, the three videos helped make some clarity about the mysteries of the game. For an analysis dedicated to what is shown by Hideo Kojima, we report our recent special on Death Stranding, curated by Giuseppe Arace.