Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: The Latest Trailer on Vex Was the Subject of a Leak More Than 2 Years Ago

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

If you are among the biggest fans of Destiny 2 and the vision of the last movie of Ombre dal Profondo focused on Vex did not seem completely new to you, know that there is a specific reason.

Part of this trailer is in fact over the net almost three years ago, ie in February of 2017. Let’s talk about the period in which the Lords of Iron had made their debut for a few months now and the announcement of the second chapter would come soon. It is therefore not to be excluded that this was initially a possible expansion planned for the first Destiny and then cut. After all, Bungie is not new to the “recycling” of material and it is, therefore, possible that the Incursion in the Black Garden arriving with Shadows from the Deep is in development for years.

It is very probable that this feeling of déjà vu is destined to return in the coming months or years, when the film that sees Prince Uldren awakening alongside a Specter, thus becoming a Guardian, will act as the announcement trailer for future expansion or of the next chapter of the series.

We remind you that the Destiny 2 migration process from to Steam has started and it is possible to link your Valve account to the Bungie account so that when Shadowkeep is launched the licenses will be automatically transferred. Tomorrow, on the other hand, cross-save in Destiny 2 will officially arrive.