Fortnite: Here Are All the New Default Skin Icons

As often happens with Fortnite Battaglia Reale updates, once again Epic Games has introduced some silent changes to some elements of the game and, in particular, it has remade from scratch the icons related to the various aspects of the “default” skin, that is the default.

This is an inevitable change, since in the last few days the miniatures of every single costume present in the game have been replaced, which makes individual objects more easily recognizable thanks to the different pose assumed in the icon.

Before leaving you with an image that shows the new version of Jonesy, Ramirez, and all the other soldiers in the standard uniform, we remind you that in the last few hours a new gadget called a Cleavage Rift has arrived, capable of hurling heavy objects at enemies. through a portal. 

Did you know that Fortnite Shadow Stones have been disabled within hours of their return with the 10.10 update?

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