Fortnite Season 10: What the Slit Zones Are and Where to Find Them

Fortnite 10

We have already talked about the main novelties of Fortnite Season 10. Among these, the map of Battle Royale has housed the Slit Zones: in this mini-guide, we explain to you what they are and where to find them within the island.

The main theme of Fortnite’s Season 10 is time travel. The Rift Zone is nothing more than the time portals, which can make traveling players from age to age.

Thanks to the Slit Zones, some areas of the map have completely changed their faces. At the moment there are three in the whole island of Battle Royale:

  • Shores of Sacking, the area with the huge luminous sphere
  • City Pinnacles, the far west theme city in which it is not possible to construct or destroy objects, which replaced Neopinnacoli
  • Corso Commercio, the area that has replaced Grandi Megazzini in which dangerous monsters roam

The Slit Zones are nothing more than new areas of the map, located in place of old locations now set in another historical era.

Furthermore, following the instructions on the video at the top, you will be able to complete the Worlds of Clash mission that requires you to visit the Slit Zones.