Fortnite: Shadow Stones Have Already Been Disabled Due to a Problem


This morning, as usual, a new update has arrived for Fortnite, Content Update 10.10, which brought with it the new Scrap object Scrap and Consumables with glitches.

The latter are objects that can be found on the site of the explosion that is transformed into various other random objects from the past, such as Apples, Mushrooms, Coconuts, Peppers and Saltwater Rocks. Up to an hour ago they could also be transformed into Shadow Stones, able to transform players into ghosts for a short time by temporarily increasing their speed of movement and allowing them to shoot through the structures.

Well, we talk about it in the past because due to a problem not specified, Epic Games has been forced to disable the transformation into Shadow Stones. All the other objects of the past, however, are still available in the game. The developers are certainly already working on a solution, and most likely it won’t be long before they are reintroduced.

We take this opportunity to inform you that among our pages you will find a guide explaining what slit zones are and where to find them on the island of the Battle Royale.