Gamestop, Layoffs Continue: Game Informer Editors Also Involved

Gamestop USA:

Forbes colleagues make us sadly involved in yet another GameStop personal cut. The company’s top managers have in fact decided to deal with the now well-known financial problems of the company by firing another 120 members of its staff, which represent around 14% of total employees.

A GameStop representative contacted by the Forbes editorial team says that the new , albeit painful, staffing cut serves to “reduce costs and realign the company organization to the efforts we are making to optimize our business and achieve our success goals future “ .

Among the employees involved we also find many editors, newsers and collaborators of the famous video game Game Informer, with important names such as those of Elise Favis, Kyle Hilliard, Imran Khan, Jeff Marchiafava, Suriel Vazquez, Matthew Bertz and Javy Gwaltney. The Game Informer editor and Features Editor, Kimberley Wallace, confirms from the pages of her Twitter profile that she was not reached by this new wave of layoffs but at the same time she was tremendously affected by the event, expressing her disappointment for what had happened. stating that “today I lost half of my family”, referring to the fact that, before these cuts, the Game Informer staff had 19 members.

On these pages you will find an interesting insight by Alessandro Bruni which retraces the last stages of the troubled history of GameStop from the success to the crisis of recent months, but first we want to express our closeness to the editors of Game Informer and to the employees of GameStop (and their families) who lost their jobs.