Kerbal Space Program 2 Will Not Have Loot Box and Microtransactions: Here Is the First Video Diary

Kerbal Space Program 2

After sending all KSP fans into the limelight during the Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live with the announcement of Kerbal Space Program 2, the Star Theory authors pack the first video development diary and confirm the absence of the Loot Boxes and of microtransactions.

Discussing with the fans of the series through the comments form on the Steam page of the first Kerbal Space Program, a representative of the US team reiterated that KSP 2 will not include any type of Loot Box or additional content that can be purchased through microtransactions. The project, therefore, will follow the same formula adopted by the original chapter, with ample support through free patches and the possibility of expanding its gaming experience thanks to the mods of the faithful community.

Once this important point has been clarified, especially after Take-Two ‘s acquisition of the intellectual property created and curated up to that time by the Mexican authors of the Squad studios, the leaders of Star Theory and Private Division have taken advantage of the first video development diary for describing their relationship with Kerbal Space Program. In this video, the Bellevue guys talk about KSP as a unique video game, a title capable of giving infinite satisfaction and bringing users closer to particularly complex (but extremely fascinating) themes such as those of space travel, astrophysics, and aerospace engineering.

In the video we are also shown short clips of gameplay taken from the alpha version of KSP 2 and, above all, we are told that the title will not constitute a sort of “2.0 version” of the primordial sandbox but will represent a real sequel , to starting from the “chronological factor”: if in the first Kerbal Space Program we could retrace the exploits of the pioneers of space exploration, with KSP 2 we will live the golden age of the colonization of the planets (but also of the satellites and asteroids) of their own system and interstellar travel . Hence the need to use a new graphics engine that can make the phases of even more spectacular creation of the bases, of the orbiting stations and of the mother ships to launch to the most distant stars.

The marketing of Kerbal Space Program 2 is scheduled for the first months of 2020, ie by the end of the Take-Two fiscal year which will end on March 31st next year. The game will initially be launched only on PCs, and will then be launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later date.