Medievil Remaster Will Present a New Dubbing in the Original Language


Apparently, the modernization work carried out for MediEvil Remaster was not limited to the technical aspect, also involving the sound sector. Through the pages of the PlayStation Official Blog, Sony Europe’s Gillen McAllister has revealed that a new voice-over has been released for the occasion in the original language.

Jason Wilson, the protagonist’s historical dubber Sir Daniel Fortesque (and author of the history of the game) has taken up the role again, recording all his lines from scratch. “No one could capture Dan’s personality better than he, McAllister said. In other sections of the game, the dialogues of the original support cast have been preserved: for example, the many stone gargoyles scattered throughout the levels still give advice with their shrill and monotonous voices, exactly as they did in 1998. However, the cast also includes several additions, including the narrator that for the occasion will be lent by the voice actress Lani Minella, who has already worked on titles such as Soulcalibur 6, God of War and XCOM 2. At the moment we don’t know how dubbing will be managed in our language. Probably, it will face the same fate as the original undergoing important changes, although there is still no confirmation in this regard.

Some changes were also made to the soundtrack. In the PS4 remake, the orchestral effects reproduced at the synthesizer of the original game have been replaced by the real instruments of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, which recorded live songs inspired by the style of Danny Elfman under the supervision of the pair of composers Bob & Barn, authors and producers of the original soundtrack.

MediEvil Remastered will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on October 25th. If you have not already done so, we advise you to look at the comparative screenshots with the original MediEvil version of 1998 and the video behind the scenes with the guys from Other Ocean, responsible for the new edition of the classic for PlayStation.