New Game Plus in Cyberpunk 2077? the Team Is Looking for “a Suitable Idea” to Implement It

Cyberpunk 2077

In the past, the possible presence of the New Game Plus in Cyberpunk 2077 was discussed, but now more information on the subject comes at the Gamescom 2019, thanks to an interview granted by Richard Borzymowski to the GameSpot portal.

The Producer of the expected title has in fact shared some considerations on the subject, underlining how the implementation of this feature is in progress: ” What I can tell you – said Borzymowski – is that we are looking for a suitable idea to implement the New Game Plus. If and how it is still to be seen and discussed “. In particular, the need highlighted seems to be to create a form of New Game Plus that is well suited to the videogame structure of Cyberpunk 2077.

To clarify the issue, the Producer shared further considerations, illustrating the ” two basic approaches to the New Game Plus“. In the first case, the player ends the main campaign and continues to be able to move within the game world. This approach, in the case of Cyberpunk, would allow him to devote himself to the many activities in the game, which, Borzymowski points out, could be In part, they have been left out in favor of a rapid continuation with the main events, while in the second case, it is possible to start a new game by preserving the character previously created. In this regard, the Producer declares that the team is reflecting on a system. that can reconcile the progress achieved with the possibility of making different choices and exploring other paths. ” And we will probably find a solution – continues Borzymowski –but it’s too early to talk in detail about how because we want to make sure it fits in [Cyberpunk]. All we want to do, we want it to be appropriate “. 

In short, to get new details on the possible implementation of the New Game Plus in the game it will be necessary to wait some more time. Meanwhile, from CD Projekt Red came to the confirmation that Cyberpunk 2077 will come on Google Stadia.