Pokemon Go: Ultrabonus Unlocked! Jirachi and Many Special Initiatives Are Coming

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO celebrates the completion by the community of the three global challenges, announcing the activation in the game of an Ultrabonus, which brings with it numerous and interesting news.

The most immediate reward is the introduction in the game of Jirachi, now available to all coaches through special research. But the Niantic team also has a rich calendar of special initiatives in-store, here are all the details:

First Week: Journey to Johto

From 22:00 (GMT +2) on 2 September until the same time as 9 September 2019, aspiring Pokemon Masters will be able to open the U, L, T, R, A versions of Unokw from the 10 km Eggs. Also available in the Raids are several Pokemon from the Johto Region, including the Legendary Raikou, Suicine, and Entei. Finally, the lucky ones will be able to come across chromatic versions of Sentret and Gligar.

Second Week: Global Challenge and Global Hatch

Between 22:00 (GMT +2) from September 9th at 10:00 pm (GMT +2) on September 16th, the effectiveness of the Egg Incubator will be doubled. In addition, from 7 km eggs, it will be possible to get the regional Pokémon Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Tauros, also chromatic (this specific bonus will be active until 22:00 (GMT +2) on September 23rd). The Deoxys forms will also be available outside of the Raid EX and, finally, in the Raids Pokemon will appear which can be useful in the challenge against the Pokemon DNA.

Third Week: the Discovery of Unima

From 22:00 (GMT +2) on September 16th to 22:00 (GMT +2) on September 23rd, it will be possible to challenge Mewtwo, also a chromatic inversion, with the special move Psicobotta in the five-star raids. Pokemon to challenge him will appear in the Raids. The latter will also welcome Klink, also chromatic. Finally, it will be possible to meet Chromatic PatRat and Lillipup.

In short, a decidedly rich calendar, to which are added other events, including the Pokemon GO Water Festival and the new Field Research missions.