ReadySet Heroes Will Be the First Sony Game to Enter the Epic Games Store


Not even twenty-four hours away from the words spoken by Shawn Layden about the opportunity to publish Sony exclusives on other platforms, the authors of Robot Entertainment confirm that ReadySet Heroes, their new platform, will not remain an exclusive PS4 but will also be launched on Epic Games Store.

Although it was developed by a company that, unlike Insomniac Games, does not fit into the galaxy of subsidiaries of Sony Worldwide Studios, ReadySet Heroes is thus preparing to become the first videogame “branded Sony” (as official publisher) destined to land on Epic Games Store.

The project carried out by Texan authors known for their past titles such as Orcs Must Die and the two-act puzzle-platform series of Hero Academy will take the form of a party game voted for the cooperative and competitive multiplayer, both locally and online.

Despite the apparent lightheartedness and the colorful settings offered by ReadySet Heroes, behind the new platform of Robot Entertainment could hide the much more serious will of Sony to open up to the multiplatform to follow the words spoken by the president of Sony Worldwide Studios on the sidelines of the Gamescom 2019.

While waiting to understand if the landing on this title of Epic Store should be considered as a sporadic event or if, on the contrary, it represents the beginning of a new Sony course, we remind you that the ReadySet Heroes party game will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC starting October 1st.