Star Wars Battlefront 2: AI Battles Return Thanks to Instant Action

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Next September, a new free update for Star Wars Battlefront 2 will arrive that will not only introduce a new cooperative mode but will also mark the return of Instant Action.

For those who do not know what it is, Instant Action consists of large-scale battles that players can face in single-player and in which they will face opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. To triumph over opponents in this mode, you will have to conquer outposts so that an indicator on the screen will reach 100%. Action Instant not only allows the player to choose whether to play as good or bad, but will also be playable without an active internet connection, or offline.

As for the new cooperative mode for 3 players, even in this case, we are talking about large-scale battles on 5 different maps of the Age of Clones (others will be added in the future) in which players can decide which side stand and, depending on the faction selected, there will be substantial differences. To make the clashes more fun there will be the possibility for bots to control not only simple troops but also vehicles and heroes.

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