Insomniac at Work on a New Game: Will It Be Released on ps5?

Why Did Sony Acquire Insomniac? Shawn Layden Explains It to Us

While the attention of the videogame community was completely turned towards the opening conferences of Gamescom 2019, Sony dropped a bomb by announcing the acquisition of Insomniac Games, a study on the crest of the wave for over twenty years and responsible for games like Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The Japanese company has thus secured the exclusive services of a study with incredibly vast know-how, immediately claiming to be willing to carry on the Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank series. The future of Sunset Overdrive, the IP of Insomniac Games withdrawn from the agreement, is instead unknown, while the Spyro franchise remains firmly in the hands of Activision.

What convinced Sony to acquire Insomniac Games? This was explained by Shawn Layden, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Japanese giant, in an interview granted to the Hollywood Reporter. To begin with, the two companies have known each other very well for over two decades, having collaborated on several occasions. Furthermore, they are guided by a decidedly similar philosophy. “The most important questions we ask ourselves when we recruit new talents and acquire studies is: ‘Do they go well with our culture? Yes, they adapt to the type of study we are, and to what we want to become? Insomniac Games is perfect for our Worldwide Studios bring quality and innovation with them, the two things we always aim for. I can’t spend enough good words for Ted and his team. We are simply delighted “.

The incredible success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which recently exceeded 13 million copies sold, also represented a key incentive. “Spider-Man emphasizes the importance of Insomniac in the gaming world. They have had a great impact, they have imposed a style. There are very few independent studios capable of reaching such levels. They are like an incredibly rare bird, and we are there realized that it was time to formalize the agreement”.

What do you think of his words? According to reports from the insider Tidux, moreover, that of Insomniac could represent the first of a series of illustrious acquisitions by Sony.

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