Will PS5 Be Quieter Than PS4? the Alleged Devkit Might Suggest It

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The whirlwind of curiosity that surrounds the next generation of consoles is decidedly impetuous: therefore it is not surprising that, pending information of an official nature, rumors and rumors about the matter follow one another.

In particular, the future Playstation 5 has recently been the protagonist of some rumors, related to different aspects of the console. In particular, the well-known insider on Twitter as ” Is A Parrot ” has released evaluations related to the possible performance of PS5, compared to those of a GeForce RTX 2080. Subsequently, a patent filed by Sony has attracted further attention on the next-gen, as it may have revealed the design of the Playstation 5 DevKit. And the latter was the subject of further considerations by the same Is a Parrott.

As you can, in fact, verify at the bottom of this, news, the user dedicates a twitter to the patent, highlighting how in the reported image we can glimpse a peculiar cooling system, characterized by fans arranged in the shape of a V. The latter, if the ‘image actually portrayed a Playstation 5 prototype, it could indicate Sony’s willingness to try to make the console quieter than Playstation 4 .

Unfortunately, being in the land of rumors and assumptions it is difficult to draw definitive conclusions and we remind you, therefore, to take these categories of information always with the necessary “pliers”. Anyway, would you like a particularly quiet console? Do you consider it an important feature?