Xbox Scarlett: Phil Spencer Talks About the Backward Compatibility of Games and Joypads

Xbox Scarlett: Microsoft's Phil Spencer Discusses the Price, Name and Appearance of the Console

Phil Spencer, after talking about the playability and the importance of the frame rate of Xbox Scarlett, which will constitute two of the key points, he wanted to talk about another important feature of the new console of the Redmond giant: backward compatibility.

With the new incarnation of Xbox in fact, all four generations of Microsoft consoles will be backward compatible, due to the respect that Spencerdeclared to have for the products bought by its customers over the years.

But the current head of Microsoft’s Xbox division not only talked about software backward compatibility but also about controllers, for example. Here are his statements: “Another thing that will be a bit new to us is the fact that we want to respect the compatibility of the controllers you already own. In this generation, for example, we created the Elite controller, we worked a lot on the pads and people have invested in custom controllers, and we want these things to be usable even on next-generation consoles, so the things you bought from us, whether they’re games or pads, we’ll make sure they’re compatible. with the newest version of our consoles “.

What do you think of his words? Are you happy to be able to use your joypads even on Xbox Scarlett?