After Shenmue 3, Will YU Suzuki Also Return to Virtua Fighter and out Run?

Virtua Fighter

Currently busy refining the upcoming Shenmue 3, back to showing off with a new trailer at Gamescom 2019, Yu Suzuki may be secretly at work resurrecting two other franchise names on which the director has put his signature in the past.

During an interview given to Video Game Chronicles, Suzuki hinted that Virtua Fighter and Out Run, although they have been two titles at rest for many years, could return in the near future:

“Yes, I’d like to go back,” said the director. ” There may be something [that is happening]. But since the IPs are owned by Sega, I need to work with them. I’m a special consultant for Sega, but we’ll need to talk about it. 

Sukuki did not want to reveal anything concrete, therefore, but he let us guess between the lines that something is cooking. And which of the two franchises would you like to see again with a new chapter? Let us know yours by taking advantage of the space dedicated to comments.