Borderlands 3: Gearbox Reveals “the Secret Weapon” That Will Differentiate It From Past Chapters

Borderlands 3 Co-Operative

Gearbox Software developer Randy Varnell intervened during the Develop event held in Cologne at the same time as Gamescom 2019 to unveil what he believes should represent Borderlands’ “secret weapon” 3.

From the columns of, the Head of World Development of the US software house retraces the most important steps in the development of this iconic shooter series and explained that “if you played at Borderlands in the past, you already know that these are not small games “There are so many dialogues, a structured story and many lines of dialogue, so when we arrived at Borderlands 3 we already knew that we would make the narrative of this series even bigger than it was before . 

Still in relation to the plot, and to the efforts made by the authors of Gearbox to draw up the narrative plot , Varnell states that “before it was a question of giving a writer the task of spreading the plot, even if there was a lot of work of which You know, at the end of each project you write so many lines of dialogue and you have to work hard with the rest of the other developers and designers of the missions that there is never so much room for maneuver for a writer. This time, therefore, we knew of not wanting to kill other writers by work and so we decided to create a department and fill it with authors who shared the enormous workload”.

According to the Gearbox executive, therefore, “the secret weapon” of Borderlands 3 will be represented by the story realized by a special team of authors who, working in concert with the other developers and programmers of the company, will contribute to raising the quality of the plot of the next act of this famous open-world shooter series. On these pages, you will find a two-hour gameplay video from Gamescom and one of our specials on the Borderlands 3 Endgame, but first, we remind you that the next Gearbox looter shooter will arrive on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 13th.