Death Stranding: Here Is the Description of the “Briefing” Trailer, Shown Behind Closed Doors


As you well know by now, at the opening ceremony of the GamesCom 2019, the Opening Night Live, Kojima took the stage alongside Geoff Keighley to show three short trailers of Death Stranding. However, there seems to be a fourth entitled Briefing that only a few lucky ones had the honor of seeing behind closed doors.

Obviously, someone has already described the contents of this “secret” trailer on the web, increasing the curiosity of the fans. It seems that looking at the video in question we can finally understand what the goal of Sam, a player-controlled character, is in the game world.

The trailer is set in the Oval Office, an official study of the President of the United States of America already spotted in one of the previous game videos. Here we see Sam interacting with Die Hardman and a hologram of Amelie, the woman dressed in red and played by Linsey Wagner. The conversation is focused on the desire to reconnect the various cities of America and it seems that the two characters want Sam to help them in the enterprise. From the words of the various actors, new details on the relationship between Sam and Amelie are included, which may have had a relationship in the past and, for some strange reason, have not been seen for 10 years. Sam tells Amelie that she doesn’t seem to have aged a single day and she explains that her body is still “on that beach”, which prevents her from growing old.

It is then assumed that Amelie’s mother is Samantha “America” ​​Strand, who in the past held the role of President of the United States of America and did everything possible to put together the UCAs (United Cities of America). The woman was on the point of unifying all the cities and, when only Edge Knot City was missing, Amelie was kidnapped and stuck on the aforementioned beach. The perpetrators of his abduction are the Homo Demens, a group of terrorists who wear a mask with a skull over it that opposes the UCA project. This group, which also includes characters played by Mads Mikkelsen and Troy Baker, also seem to be the cause of a bomb attack whose details are not yet known.

The purpose of Sam is therefore to reconnect the various outposts scattered around the country with the final objective to free Amelie from the clutches of the Homo Demens. Initially the protagonist is annoyed, but in the end, he accepts and is given the Q-Pid, a device that he wears around his neck that acts in a similar way to a USB stick that must be connected to the various outposts to bring them back online.

The video then ends with a sentence from Sam, who is keen to point out that he is no longer a Strand and that it is now his full name is Sam Porter Bridges (even the Bridges wanted to reconnect America).

Waiting to finally see this trailer, we remind you that Death Stranding will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on November 8th, 2019.