Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Reveals Another Playable Character: Trunks of the Future!


Once confirmed the presence of the saga of the Androids and the Saga of Cell, the presence in the game of the ” Trunks of the future ” was rather obvious, but now we discover a further detail.

Bandai Namco, through the Tweet you find at the bottom of the news, has announced that it will also represent a playable character: news that will surely make many gamers and Dragon Ball fans happy. Simultaneously with the formalization of information, the development team has also released two first images of the young man, which you can view directly at the bottom of this news. The character of Trunks plays an important role in the Androids and Cell saga: in fact, the young man comes from the future to warn Goku and his companions of the danger represented by C-17 and C-18. These, in the future lived by the boy, have in fact sown destruction along their path and put the world on its knees.

Trunks of the future are therefore added to the array of playable characters recently confirmed by Bandai Namco, among which we also find Vegeta and Gohan. Recently, the public was able to get a first taste of the Cell saga, star of a new trailer for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. In the game, however, we will not only find the most iconic characters in the universe of the well-known manga: the development team presented the original Bonyu character during Gamescom, whose design was edited directly by Akira Toriyama.