Fortnite Smash and Grab: Collect 100 Units of Each Material Within 60 Seconds

Fortnite Smash and Grab

After showing where to land in a Hot Spot, in this mini-guide missions, Destroy and snatches of Fortnite will explain how to complete the mission that requires you to collect 100 units of each material within 60 seconds from landing.

Since we are talking about a prestige mission, it will be necessary to complete the normal Smash and Grab missions before tackling it. Among these, we have already explained to you how to complete the Landed missions in a Hot Spot and Find Chests within 30 seconds.

Where and how to collect 100 units of each material within 60 seconds of landing

This prestige mission requires you to collect 100 units of each material within (and no later than) 60 seconds from the player’s landing.

There are essentially two ways to complete this mission in the simplest way possible. The first is to immediately take control of a BRUTUS (in this regard, on our pages we have explained to you how to use BRUTO), approach the buildings and destroy them to collect the materials of which they are made. By doing this, you will quickly get 100 units for each material.

Alternatively, we recommend visiting a location rich in diverse materials on foot. In this case, we recommend going to Crocevia del Ciarpame or Palmeto Paradisiaco, in the points portrayed in the two images shown below. In these areas, in fact, you will be able to quickly collect 100 units for each material, simply by using your pickaxe.