Fortnite Smash and Grab: Eliminate Booty Conveyors Within 60 Seconds


One of the prestige challenges of Fortnite Season 10’s Destroy and Arraffa missions requires eliminating 3 Loot Transporters within 60 seconds of landing. In this mini-guide, we explain how to complete it.

Since this is a prestige mission, it will be necessary to complete the normal Destroy and Arraffa missions before tackling it. Among these, we have already explained to you how to complete the Land missions in a Hot Point and Find Chests within 30 seconds.

How to destroy 3 Loot Transporters within 60 seconds of landing

This prestige mission requires the elimination of 3 Booty Transporters within 60 seconds of the player landing. What are Loot Transporters, and where can they be found within the Royal Battle Island?

As you can see in the opening video, the Loot Transporters are small drones that wander around the Hot Points on the map. The Hot Points are randomly selected at the beginning of each game and are indicated on the map by coloring the relative name of the location in yellow.

All you have to do to complete this mission, therefore, is to land near a Hot Spot, get a firearm as soon as possible and eliminate the Booty Transporters that are around in the area. After destroying three, you will finally complete the mission.

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